Topic: November 02, 06

We had a "round table" meeting to discuss the direction and energy of the club.  It has been posted to the front page of our site.  Follow up comments should be posted here.

The group has called to have this meeting to decide in what direction the club should go, what things need to change, and what our primary interests are.  As mentioned at this meeting, meetings like these should happen at least twice a year from now on.  No content here is meant to be any kind of reflection of past and current membership involvement or sense of responsibility.  No one is pointing fingers, we just all want to see the club improve.

At tonight's meeting, the following members were present: Ernie, Shane, Carolyn, Deborah, Stuart, and Kyle.

The following notes are broken up by category, not at all in any chronological order.

Should be reliable.  We may need a “sign up sheet” on the web site to see that we have enough interest to host a presentation, especially for out of town presenters.
Subject level should vary from simple to systems administrator.  Especially focus on jump start GUIs, “new to linux” content, and desktop/student tasks/apps.
Public and members should be able to post requests for topics.  This would then be emailed to core members, or posted to the site.  Members, or even non-members, who feel they are competent and would like to talk on the suggested subjects may then post a “reply” expressing their interest.
Need more projects!
A few ideas for presentations:
Gimp vs Photoshop – Gimp Shop
Samba, with Windows integration
Printing (and shared printers)
CD Burning, data and music
Firewalls, build your own [Shane has already planned to present in December]
Back Ups, tar, dvd, extra hard drive, off site, etc [I (Kyle) volunteer for this in January if no other topics of greater interest have come up]

Forum Content!  Many of the most successful clubs (any kind) have strong forum content.
Presentations (see above).
Site should present a professional IT image.
Kyle will begin hosting the site so that the club can really manage everything about the site as soon as a move can be worked out.
There should be two bb sections, professional and social, each independent in subscription.
We will look into using Vbulletin or phpBB with the cool “watch topic,” calendar, and multiuser blog mods.

Topic / Focus of Group:
FOSS instead of just Linux, is a good example.
Platform independent topics would be a plus!
Joining with ACM; ACM is a membership only club, how might that affect a cooperative effort?  Recruiting?  Not Thursdays?
At a later core group meeting, should reevaluate a need to include advanced Windows stuff.

Informals to alternate with formal meetings.  The informal meetings could be as simple as going to see a movie together, or meeting at someone's house to help with a Linux/computer project.
At the next club meeting (Wednesday November 15th) we will openly discuss moving to Thursdays.  This will be dependent on ACM as well.  Until then, we plan to move the formal meetings to the third Thursday of each month.
New venue?

T-shirt sales, give aways for new members.  [Deborah has volunteered to help with financing shirts]
Membership, return to this topic at the next core meeting.

Final Note:
Follow up to these notes should be posted in the forum (  All feedback is welcome.  If you don't speak up, your voice cannot be heard.

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