Topic: December 21 2006

Our next meeting will be on the 21st of December at 6:30pm in Arizona Engineering Company's Flagstaff office. With it being so close to Christmas we will be having a social event meeting only.  We will resume presentations in January.  We will being having some fun Linux activities to make it worth your while to show up. Also you are welcome to bring your linux projects or install needs.
Here is a map to the meeting location.

Arizona Engineering Company
1501 S. Yale St.
Suite 101
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Arizona Engineering Company is on the corner of Yale and Plaza.  Located Directly behind Mc Donalds on Milton and Caddy Corner from Kinkos. It is in the same business complex as the Sylvan Learning Center.

Re: December 21 2006

Does anyone have any idea on what activites they would like to see at our next meeting?  I was planning on having internet access with some workstations.  The workstations will also have some activities on them such as a connection to a meeting server for possible games or be playing music or a movie.

Re: December 21 2006

Well we had a small but great social meeting so close to Christmas.  I setup a server for the group that I will keep around for us to play with.  It will be setup for each meeting.  We attepted to play Battle for Wesnoth on the game server I installed.  We ended up playing a workstation hosted version.  We can use the server to play with projects and have some fun group interaction with Linux.  Thanks for everyone that came. 

Next moth Carol will be giving the presentation.  It will be held at Arizona Engineering Company again.