Topic: October 19, 2005

Scheduled Topic: Guest Speaker, Tom Veite, Network and Systems
Management Specialist for Novell

    * Novell's Linux Strategy
    * Recent acquisitions of Ximian and SuSE
    * Demo of Novell Nterprise Linux Services

In an approximately two hour presentation Tom discussed Novell's Linux Strategy including Ximian, Suse and Novell Linux Desktop. We were brought up to speed on different products within Novell that are available as open source software such as Hula and iFolders and given insight into the development model that Novell is striving for through the "Common Code Base" design and build process whereby a single code base  is built to compile all architectures from x86, 64 bit Intel and AMD, Power PC chipsets through the z/390.

Tom has promised to forward his presentation to place online, and with some editing we may be able to post the video.

Re: October 19, 2005

Great!  Sound interesting, too bad I missed it.
On the video, I could host as a mirror.

Re: October 19, 2005

Also of some interest is their product that integrates various DBs. In the implimentation that Tom spoke about at Novell - a couple of entries by HR and you have access to pertininent parts of the building(s) with your ID badge, email and phones are set up and you have access to your training facilities - all without "human hands" which greatly increases security and greatly reduces potential social engineering attacks on the business. When an employee is terminated their email is disabled, telephone extension is disconnected (or rerouted), the ID badge no longer unlocks the doors and the employee has the option to convert their cell number to personal service or it is automatically disabled as well. The cell phone company is integrated into the datasharing somehow as well to accomplish this. Mitnick would be proud smile

Re: October 19, 2005

The presentations are online in Flash and presentation formats: