Topic: August 16th 2007 Meeting

The location and time is posted in our Linux News section.

During the meeting we can interact with remote members in our IRC channel at #luna at  Feel free to stop by the channel anytime as well.
If you don't have access to an IRC client then you can use the web based Java client

Scheduled for the third Thursday (16th) of August at 6:30pm.

The topic is currently open. If you have any presentation ideas or would like to give a presentation please post here. We could also have several mini presentations or discussions.

This meeting is also going to be open for discussion regarding our meeting time and location.  We will be taking some time during this meeting to discuss changes to our group.  The floor will be open to current attenders and those wanting to attend.  If you are unable to attend this meeting please post your suggestions prior to the start of the meeting and we will add them to the vote.

Re: August 16th 2007 Meeting

So far no one has communicated interest in meeting this month.  Lets cancel again.  Come and interact with us via our email list or IRC (#LUNA on freenode)