Topic: **Meeting Notice as of August 2007**

Due to lacking participation and communication, lets hold off meetings permanently until a new rise of interest peaks.  We will still have our email listIRC (#LUNA on and these forums available.

If an interest to meet increases please contact us via email, IRC and forums.  We are still welcome to use Arizona Engineering facilities to meet.

Re: **Meeting Notice as of August 2007**

I confess that I'm one of the slackers who has not been showing up to meetings so I can certainly understand this announcement.  Quite frankly, I'd get to the end of a month and have a sudden flash of "duh!  I'll bet I missed the meeting again - I wonder when it was?"

Now I know that part of this is a self-discipline problem and that I just didn't work hard enough at planning to be there, but there is also an element of not having a handy reminder.  Awhile back I had something come up that resulted in me no longer being on the mailing list.  That seemed OK because I prefer the forum approach, but there doesn't seem to be a way to subscribe to forum notifications of new content such as meeting notices.  I know I can subscribe to this thread, but that's just this topic - not a notice whenever something new is added to any forum.

Is such a thing possible?  I'd really like to become more active and get going with my Linux experience instead of floundering around.


Re: **Meeting Notice as of August 2007**

You could create a single meeting thread to join that would send an update each time someone posts meeting information to that thread. 

I am currently residing in Prescott.   Maybe someone would be interested in taking on hosting the meetings again.  Even with 2-4 regulars it would be worth while.   It could be held in a restaurant.  Most computer groups meet in that type of setting.  I will do what I can to continue to support LUNA.  I am currently involved with the Ubuntu Arizona team.  We are trying to promote LUGs around the state.  Come check out our web site.

Re: **Meeting Notice as of August 2007**

Ernie, you can subscribe to the rss feed.

ttp:// … p;type=rss
will show *new* topics: … p;type=rss
will show the topics that have the most recent posts. I think most mail readers have RSS feed subscriptions available.

Re: **Meeting Notice as of August 2007**

I do say, the RSS subscription is a pretty cool feature.