Topic: Embedded Linux Presentation Sept 11

We are pleased to have guest speaker Raul Salazar present on Embedded Linux applications and development.

Overview of Embedded System Using Linux

In this presentation, Dr. Salazar will give an overview of what is embedded
Linux, tools, bootloaders, filesystem, as well as the steps needed to
configure and create a small root filesystem from scratch for an embedded
device using Linux.  All of this in 90 minutes. Q and A follows

Bio of Dr. Raul Salazar
Raul A. Salazar, Ph.D.
President and CTO
JHL Technologies, Inc.
Technical training, Mentoring, Multimedia, embedded and Software Development

Dr. Salazar is President and Chief Technology Officer of JHL Technologies, a
global provider of advanced technical training; software, embedded, and
multimedia development. Prior to joining JHL he was an assistant professor
at Nova Southeastern University where he was instrumental in securing over
$800,000 in donated computers and software from Gould, AT&T, Harris
Corporation, and Digital Corporation. At Nova, he was instrumental in
establishing a successful relationship with industry.  While dedicated to
academia, industry was demanding more of his time and expertise. In 1993,
Raul became a joint owner of JHL. Even so, Raul maintains his roots in
academia and continues to teach computer science and computer information
systems courses as an adjunct professor.
For over ten years, Raul has designed and developed embedded Linux systems
for the cellular and small screen industry. He also designs total home and
condominium automation systems based on embedded Linux. This includes design
and development of  DIY Home and Environmental Monitoring, Control and
Automation using Traditional Interfaces and protocols (Panel computers,
sbcs, USB ports, Serial ports, X10, Insteon, UPB, etc). 

Today, Dr. Salazar has over 27 years industry experience, 22 years
university teaching experience, and 24 years technical training and
development experience to Fortune 500 companies. He has taught and designed
over 150 technical courses, which also include software development,
mentoring, and consulting services in these areas. He manages a diverse team
of developers and contractors. Given his broad technical and management
expertise, coupled with his commitment to excellent customer relations, has
garnered him the respect of his colleagues in industry, academia, and from
corporations for whom he has provided his services.