Topic: May 17th 2007 Meeting

The location and time is posted in our Linux News section.

Scheduled for the third Thursday (17th) of May at 6:30pm.

The topic is currently open. If you have any presentation ideas or would like to give a presentation please post here.

This meeting is also going to be open for discussion regarding our meeting time and location.  It has been brought to my attention that the time is limiting some people's ability to attend.  We will be taking some time during this meeting to discuss changes to our group.  The floor will be open to current attenders and those wanting to attend.  If you are unable to attend this meeting please post your suggestions prior to the start of the meeting and we will add them to the vote.

Re: May 17th 2007 Meeting

Hmm, I can be available via icq or some other form of chat, but I won't be available that day.  If it is the week before or after, there is a 98% chance I can make it.  I'm also moving in August though, so please don't change schedules for just me.  But before I leave, I would like to give a short talk on backup strategies.  June is the only third week I will for sure be available.

Re: May 17th 2007 Meeting

kyle, I am sure we would all enjoy your discussion on backup strategies.  Since this next meeting we will be discussing the location and time of our meetings lets see what comes of that before you commit to a time in June.  For all I know the day, time and location could change. 

Everyone is welcome to voice an opinion on our meeting arrangements.  I do request to limit your requests if you are not planning to commit to attending meetings on a regular basis.  Do not worry, this discussion should be open to change in the future so that to we keep the LUNA group fresh and available to everyone currently interested in the group.  The one thing that should stay the same is the focus of LUNA being about Linux and Linux related topics.

Re: May 17th 2007 Meeting

For the next meeting we can interact with remote members in our IRC channel at #luna at  Feel free to stop by the channel anytime as well.

If you don't have access to an IRC client then you can use the web based Java client

Re: May 17th 2007 Meeting

Well we had zero in attendance for this meeting.  Though Kyle did drop into the IRC channel for a few minutes then had to go.  I still would like to have a vote on meeting times and location.  If you can't attend next meeting then post your desires on the next meetings thread. Again feel free to drop by our new IRC channel.