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The July 19th meeting will be canceled due to the last two months having zero attendance other than myself.  It is also my wife and I's 10th wedding anniversary so I will not be available to host the meeting.   Lets take a break this month. 

While we are not planning on meeting I would like to generate some discussions for the direction of the group.  Please give some feed back on if there is still some interest in attending, what you would like the group to be, what time and location you would prefer, what kind of format would you like to see to make the meetings more interesting and what topics you are interested in seeing discussed.

Feel free to give your feed back to the group via email list, this forum thread or via IRC (#luna on

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Hi all. I'll add a post elsewhere in the forums for an introduction...

I'm sorry to hear attendance has been down lately. If the July 19 meeting happened (though I completely understand why it was canceled) I would have done my best to be there.

Are there any tentative plans at this point for an August meeting?

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I forgot to post a new thread for the August 2007 meeting.  Thanks for the reminder and for your interest.  Yes we will have a meeting available.  The thread for it is HERE.  The plans for the meeting is open.

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Come join us at #luna at

If you don't have access to an IRC client then you can use the web based Java client