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It's been a while.  I hope all is well in Flag.
I'm setting up a computer for my research.  We bought 8 gb of ram, for a quad core processor.  I need to stick with a 32bit OS, but I see that it doesn't recognize more than 3 gb.  Now in Mandriva, this was magically fixed in 2008, but it looks like I'll need a different kernel for Fedora?  Any ideas?
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Re: FC 8 - 8 GB of ram

Alright, so I have successfully installed the PAE kernel, except that now that kernel doesn't have the drivers for my raid card.  I'm trying to find some instructions on installing the driver on an existing system, but I'm not sure how exactly I insert the drivers for that kernel, as opposed to the one I'm using at the moment.

Re: FC 8 - 8 GB of ram

Kyle are you trying to get drivers (modules) loaded during bootup? Most modules are detected once the system is running, but if you need them to boot you might have to create an initrd.

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Hi Patrick,
Yeah, I would like them to load during boot.  Here is where I'm at now:

kernel.23 - works, has Rocket Raid drivers install, but only 3 gb of ram

kernel.23PAE - installed, source installed, but doesn't yet had the RR drivers.  PAE should allow me to use all 8gb of ram.  When I boot this kernel, as expected, is says no hard disks found.

The Rocket Raid drivers are needed because my boot (rather, my everything) are on the raid array (four drives stripped).  So I need to compile the drivers for this kernel (which I think I can do), but then also put that module in the right place and make all the other changes so that it is used at boot.  This is where I'm lost.