Topic: LJ4300 & LJ5M Printer Network works only sometimes over Debian 3.0

Hi. I have a HP LaserJet 4300 and a HP Laserjet 5M printers connected to our corporative network and their computers sometimes print their works normally and sometimes user have to make their print request twice. In this last case sometimes they isn't any network or OS response until the second request and then print oK and sometimes has an error message:

Error in <printer path/printer name> en <XXXX>: Cannot print, They are several causes for this error:

- Not enough memory
- If you are printing in a network. It's possible because a bad connection or bad print driver.
- Network computer cable damaged or network printer cable damaged

This error message appears also the first one who I make a print order. The second one works normally.
This error appears in several applications. The first case is not possible; I try to reinstall printer driver in some computers without success. network cables are OK and network connection normally remains during the printing process. Most of user computers works with Windows 2003 and both printers are connected with a HPJetDirect at the same server who works over Debian 3.0 Linux and Samba. When I look into the windows printer queue sometimes the job appears with "In Queue" Status. Could you help me please?. Do you need any addicional information for me or for our network manager? I hope an answer as soon as possible. Very thanks in advance. Best wishes

Re: LJ4300 & LJ5M Printer Network works only sometimes over Debian 3.0

Using Cups I assume?  And Hplip?  More info would be nice.  Does it work with a linux client?  Using a samba print share?  Maybe the router is borked?  The printer shouldn't get backed up unless it is very short of memory; like not enough for one job.  Will check back.