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Linux Install Fests

Linux Install Fest February 05, 2005

Every so often our membership schedules an Install Fest where individuals can come get Linux installed on their computers that they bring with them.
We are pleased to announce Saturday February 05, 2005 10 AM - 3 PM as that time.
Due to the extreme generousity of the USGS in Flagstaff we have a location for meetings, presentations and the upcoming Install Fest. We have a flyer that you can print out here: Install Fest Flyer(pdf) The USGS is located at 2255 N Gemini Dr Flagstaff AZ in the Shoemaker Center for Astrology (Building 6): (map)

If you are interested in getting Linux installed on your computer all you need to bring is your PC based computer and monitor. Cables, keyboards and mice will all be available.
In addition if you plan on using a computer with a Windows based operating system installed and you want to keep Windows on it (dual boot Windows and Linux) please be sure that your computer has a second hard drive and/or run Windows defrag on the drive. All data must be moved to the beginning of the drive with free space at the end if you only have one hard drive.

Past Install Fests

February 05, 2005